Light Up Your Business: Discover the Power of Professional LED Displays!

Versatile, Vibrant, and Energy-Efficient – Perfect for Any Business Setting!

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Elevate your promotional strategy with Signage King’s LED Poster Boxes

Designed for maximum visibility, these sleek, modern displays ensure your messages stand out, day and night. Whether mounted on a wall, placed on a tabletop, or showcased on a standalone pedestal, our LED boxes offer unparalleled flexibility. Perfect for menus, special offers, or upcoming events, they’re an essential tool for any business looking to boost engagement.


Our LED Poster Boxes aren’t just visually appealing

They are crafted to make a difference. Enjoy the benefits of low-energy consumption, high durability, and easy maintenance. The bright, consistent light distribution captures attention in bustling environments, driving more foot traffic and increasing advertisement recall. Plus, their versatility means you can reuse them for different campaigns, making them a cost-effective marketing investment.

Various Configurations

Suitable for multiple display needs.

  • Vertical set-up

  • Horizontal set-up

  • Wall-mounted installation

  • Floor standing

Ultra-thin Frame Design

Amazing Display that doesn't take up too much space

Easy To Change Canvas

It only takes a few seconds.

Getting your custom LED signage is simple

Choose your design, specify your requirements, and let us handle the rest

From design approval to production, we ensure a seamless process with regular updates. Setting up is effortless with Signage King. It’s practically plug & play, but if you require assistance, our team is here to help:


Envision dynamic LED displays enhancing your business

From café specials to retail promotions and event guidance. Our clients, including coffee shops, retail stores, and event spaces, leverage our LED solutions to captivate and inform their audiences effectively. Discover how Signage King’s LED technology ensures your messages are not just seen, but remembered.

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